Help a Brother Out!

So, my four younger brothers and I all arguing over something; I forget what it was but I know it was smaller than a tick’s fingertips. Regardless of whatever the issue was, the debate was ended by a dare than neither one of us could last a full twenty four hours out in the wilderness. (No one in my household has ever been camping so it sounded more sketchy to us than anyone could imagine). Eventually it was settled that none of us had the cajones to even ADMIT we were too scared to sleep where lions and tigers and homeless raccoons thrived, and we commenced a grandiose ass kicking in Super Smash Bros.


One Saturday however, I figured what better way to spend a work-free weekend than to surprise/scare the living crap out of my younger brothers with an impromptu nature journey? Two main questions buzzed about in my head: where would we go? And which is the best tent for camping? The first hurdle was jumped pretty quickly as I almost immediately recalled a sign for a family camp site adjacent to the family reunion picnic site we’ve frequented for years. The second, much more of a hassle. I had no idea what was the best tent for camping. I didn’t realize tents were that different! My luck prevailed when I ran into an extremely patient (and attractive) Walmart employee later. She saw my over-packed “survival” rations and deduced I was a first timer. We talked, shared a few laughs, and she eventually pointed me in the direction of what she considered were the best tents for camping in stock.

Afterwards, we exchanged numbers and made my way home to initiate operation Tell-the-Boys-We’re-Going-to-a-Party-Then-Drive-Straight-For-the-Woods, but when I got home, no one was there. I found out later that I missed a pretty cool movie date, and right after, I was asked about the equipment in my car. With the surprise ruined, I shrugged and pulledthe phone number I received earlier to set up a movie date of my own.Still would’ve been nice to know if I had truly bought the best tent for camping though.

My Fitness Gadget

There are varieties of elliptical machines for training. These machine are readily available in the market and mostly in the online stores. Among the many; only few have outstanding performance and of high value. These few are the top rated and highly preferred by people who value quality and excellence. That is the reason as to why they are top picks in the best elliptical machine reviews 2015.

A few of the available machines can be classified under this category since only a few may exceed customer expectations. For the case of this review; they include

1. Schwinn 430 Elliptical Trainer

This model is an amazing model especially under the price of $1000. It is a high quality machine which is study enough to hold weight of up to 275lbs. in addition the machine is quiet that means you can conduct your workouts in the house even when the children are asleep. The price is good and affordable for many. In comparison of the services and the price, many clients says that it is worth the price.

2. Sole E55 Elliptical trainer

This machine is slightly heavier than the E35 though sturdy enough to hold weight capacity of up to 375lbs. it is just like the gym machine with a flywheel of up to 30-pounds. Compared to E35; this machine is sturdier than the E35. This machine is better suited for people with bigger build and might be challenging for skinny people. For those intending to use the machine as a couple; it is advisable that the wife test it first.

3. Sole E35 elliptical trainer

This is another great machine that falls under the category of best brands and models. It has a fly wheel of up to 25 pounds with unique oversize foot pedals and also with a slightly sloped inward pedals to reduce ankle and knees stress.

Memory Triggered by an LED Flashlight

It was a weekend and I was bored to tears, so I turned on the computer just to browse around. Suddenly a website all about LED flashlight review caught my eyes and brought me back to the memories of the past…

going to college

going to college

When I was just about to enter college, before I leaving for school, my father gave me a LED flashlight, I moaned about it and said:” What a measly present.” He smiled while telling me:” You’ll find it useful in your later years and I want you to keep in mind that always be like a flashlight to light up the way whatever darkness you are faced with.”

It turns out that the LED flashlight really plays a big part in my life. Sometimes it was inconvenient to attend the lectures in the night, especially when I was new there. With the flashlight, I never got a wrong classroom. I’ m in deeply love with reading, so my favorite activity at night was to look for books to read in the library. I was unwilling to quit even when the lights went off occasionally, and I don’t have to worry about it with the flashlight. I still remember it was a very cold life when I had a good time going to classes at night, discussing academic contents and life with my friends as well as taking exercises in the evening with the help of the flashlight.

What impressed me most was that one time when we were attending an outdoor activity. It was a day when my friends and I were climbing a mountain. While we came across a stream, I suddenly slipped and fell forward, so much pain hit me when an arm reached me. I raised my head, a tall and gentle boy stroke my eyes. ” Are you OK?” He asked softly. Then he helped me up and suggested we have a rest there.

It was getting dark and we had to go back to our camp. Just when I was feeling regret for leaving my flashlight behind, the boy took a LED flashlight out of his bag. Just with a gently flick of the switch, the road ahead came into our sight. We talked all the way along with the warm light of the flashlight, from hobbies, morals to ideal life, I couldn’t help smiling every time I recall it.

I Do Yoga in the Comfort of My Home

I spent five years of my life trying to decide whether or not to develop a yoga practice- I just wish I decided sooner. I was torn between attending studio sessions or having it from the comfort of my home. However, I think what pulled me back from the beginning was the constant fear that yoga wasn’t meant for me and I would eventually tire and abandon it altogether. I hate to begin something and then just give up- perhaps this is why it took me almost forever to make one of the wisest decisions I have ever made in my lifetime of 31 years.

Well, when I finally made up my mind, I decided to attend classes for a few months, learn a little and then start practicing at home. One of the major reasons why I wanted to do yoga in my house is because my husband and I are on a budget because we are saving money for a house. Secondly, I never have enough time on my sleeve and making it to classes would eventually prove almost impossible. Lastly, I simply wanted to enjoy yoga in the comfort of my living room. Well, I have decided to share with you some important details if you intend to do yoga at home. Whether you are a complete beginner or even an advanced yogi who wants to quit studio sessions, you will want to know essential tools you need to successfully practice yoga at home.

First and foremost, a yoga mat is a must have if you want to have perfect moments in your home during yoga time. If you are already aware, these mat types are very useful for comfort, stability and prevention of accidents. They are available in the market in different sizes and types. I usually recommend going to thick yoga mats, especially if your body isn’t particularly small in size. Try reading the best thick yoga mat reviews and learn the advantages they provide during your yoga practice. Personally, I started with a thin one- it served the purpose yes, but I cannot compare it with the one I am using presently, in terms of comfort and the amount of support it offers. Basically, the right yoga mat is nearly everything you need to start doing yoga at home.

However, it is advisable for you to create time for yoga and make it as sacred as possible. Failure to do so will make you abandon this incredible practice gradually. Therefore, decided on the most appropriate time for yoga, ensure to eat light meals before yoga and to drink water during the practice.

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